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Red Ribbon Week Drug Facts
Monday, Oct. 27: (Leads to Impairment)
Legal or not, marijuana results in impairment.  Marijuana uses reduces intelligence by as much as 8 points by age 38 among teens who started using regularly before they turned 18 but then stopped.  If you want to be a smarter adult, be smarter now as a teen.
Tuesday, Oct. 28: (Leads to Addiction)
Legal or not, marijuana can lead to addiction.  For kids who start using marijuana in middle or high school, 1 out of every 6 will become addicted.  The number of people admitted to marijuana treatment centers during the time you have been alive has more than tripled.
Wednesday, Oct. 29: (Compromises Safety)
Legal or not, marijuana raises true safety concerns.  The truth is that marijuana does impair driving, yet three times as many high school seniors reported driving after smoking marijuana than drinking alcohol.  That's crazy!  3 times as many teens say they've driven after smoking marijuana than those who say they have driven after drinking.  It's just as dangerous to smoke and drive as it is to drink and drive.
Thursday, Oct. 30: (Affects on the Brain)
Legal or not, marijuana directly affects the brain.  marijuana actually SHRINKS the part of the brain that creates memory.  The worst damage happens to children and teens who use because their brains are still developing...all the way through age 25.
Friday, Oct. 31: (Affects School Grades)
Legal or not, marijuana use can affect school and grades.  It's simple:  marijuana use = lower grades, and marijuana lowers the chance of graduating from high school.  The fact is that high school dropouts earn more than $10,000 less per year than high school graduates and more than $35,000 less than college graduates.