OFFICE HOURS:  7:45 AM - 3:45 PM
OFFICE PHONE NUMBER:  (803) 428-4047
OFFICE FAX NUMBER:  (803) 428-4071

      Mrs. Carolyn Howell 
School Counselor
                  Grades 10th and 12th              


Ms. Julia Jackson
School Counselor
Grades 9th and 11th 

          Mrs. Linda D. Thomas       
      Career Specialist, GCDF  

My name is Linda D. Thomas and this is my 5th year as a Career Specialist with Lee County School District.  I am a graduate of Limestone College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration/Management and a minor in Psychology. 

I enjoy counseling young teens about possible college choices and career paths. I believe that by providing students with knowledge and experience through career exploration, students can make better informed decisions about possible career choices after high school.

 Mr. Corey Thompson
  Career Specialist, CDF

 My name is Corey Thompson, I am a native of Beaufort, SC. I have over 10 years of experience working in the school system in various capacities. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the mighty Allen University. As my role evolved I went back to school and completed my Master degree, from Webster University. I am very passionate about my family, and serving my community and making a difference in the lives of students. My hope is to continuously broaden my horizon within this field; to assist students through the process of high school and help them become college and career ready. 
Tara Lowery
Guidance Secretary/Registrar

Tara L

     Hello, I am Tara Lowery, your guidance secretary/registrar.  I am a 1984 alumni of Mt. Pleasant High School, “Striking Rattlers” and Central Carolina Technical College!  As your secretary/registrar, I work with maintaining student records, withdrawals, and transcript requests.  I also provide administrative support to our guidance counselors, career specialists and administrative team.


The mission of the Lee Central High School Guidance Department is to provide a developmental program that will facilitate and support the educational achievement of all students.  The program focuses on personal development, academic success, and postsecondary planning.  Our goal is to promote students’ sense of responsibility personally, socially, and academically, so that students can work towards their full potential.  The LCHS Guidance Program is an integral part of the school program and requires the cooperative efforts of teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents.


The following services are provided:

 * Academic Guidance: Guidance which assist students and their parents to acquire knowledge of curricula choices available to students, to plan a program of studies, to arrange and interpret academic testing, and to seek post-secondary academic opportunities.

* Career Guidance:  Guidance which helps students to acquire information about the world and explore career possibilities.

* Personal/Social Counseling:  Assist students in developing an understanding of self, the rights and needs of others, how to resolve conflicts, and how to define individual goals that reflect their interests, abilities, and aptitudes.